Export Health Certificates

Deliveries of goods of animal and plant origin to the UK and Ireland after January 31, 2024 in the context of health certificates.

1.    Import of goods from the European Union to Great Britain - risk classification of goods. 

From January 31, 2024, health certificates or phytosanitary certificates will be required for deliveries of goods of animal and plant origin from the European Union to Great Britain. Whether certificates will apply to a given product will depend on the risk category of the product of animal or plant. The number of border controls that will take place at border control points (BCP) after April 30, 2024 will also depend on the risk class. 

The number of border controls is closely related to the product category. The highest level of control applies to the transport of live animals and goods covered by protective measures. The medium level of control applies to fresh, frozen and processed meat, as well as fishery products. The third, lowest level of control applies to processed products with a long self life, such as certain mixtures and canned meat and fish.

In the case of goods of plant origin, the degree of control applies to the following product categories and at the same time to the risk associated with the number of border controls. The highest category is plant and tree seedlings and/or for commercial production, plants for planting - non-treed and for retail sale as house plants. The average level of control risk applies to plant products. The lowest audit risk category is all other regulated products. The risk classification of goods will depend on the customs code of the goods and will be updated on a regular basis by the British agency APHA and DEFRA.

Below is the link where you can check the risk category of the goods.

2.    Transit through Great Britain, the so-called "landbridge"

In the case of transit of goods from the European Union to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland through Great Britain, health certificates will be required for medium and high risk goods.
    The link below provides detailed information on the transit of goods of animal origin through Great Britain.

3.     The necessity to certify goods of animal and plant origin transported to Great Britain.

Following the guidelines published by the British side, health certificates should be issued in the Traces NT system and confirmed with a qualified signature by a competent veterinarian. Mainly the electronic version of the health certificate is accepted.
If it is not possible to issue a health certificate in electronic form, the driver should receive the original paper version of this document, which should accompany the driver until unloading the goods. The health certificate template is now available on the Traces NT website.

4.     Rules for performing groupage transport

With regard to shipments of goods to Great Britain as part of groupage transport, the British side is introducing simplified methods of certification. It is not advisable to enter the registration numbers of the means of transport in the health certificate. Additionally, sealing the means of transport is not required.
Below is a link to guidance on importing groupage or mixed shipments containing animal products into the UK from 2024.
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