About us

About us

Continuously since 2011, we have been delivering fresh and frozen goods to customers from various food industries.

We specialize in international road transport of goods requiring controlled temperature. The goods can be transported in temperature ranging from -25˚C to +25˚C. We offer both FTLs and LTLs.

Our specialized multi-temperature trailers allow us to transport fresh goods (on hooks and on pallets) and frozen goods (on pallets) simultaneously on the same cargo space. We are distinguished by comprehensive service of the entire logistics process, including customs service.

Our Partners appreciate the experience, flexibility and speed of the Ekofrost team. We are able to deliver shipments in a very short time, while exercising constant supervision over the temperature of transport. The efficient organization of transport translates into the optimization of transport costs of any size and weight of goods.

We like challenges!

No palette is too big or too small for us. Transport of one carton while maintaining the required temperature regimes? – even such sophisticated services are not a problem for us.

Our service is provided 365 days a year, based on a fixed delivery schedule. We provide our clients with professional, multilingual service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We like challenges!

Our fleet

Both in FTL transport and in LTL transport, punctuality and the ability to adapt to customer needs are our priority. This is possible thanks to our own, modern fleet. Our vehicles meet the strictest EURO6 emission and safety standards.

The vehicles are equipped with cameras that allow us to enter the centers of large European capitals. Supervision over the entire transport process is provided by experienced and well-trained drivers. All vehicles in our fleet are integrated with the TMS system, which allows us to track transport and report on the status of the goods delivered to customers in real time. Additional equipment of the fleet with the Transics telematics system allows for proper management of our drivers' working time and control of transport at every stage.

Our fleet

Our competences

Possibility of customs clearance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout Poland
Possibility to consolidate groupage shipments and clearance in the warehouse in Poznań
Reliable information at every stage of the transport
Help in crisis situations
Flexible adaptation to customers needs
Electronic documentation


  • Complexity
  • Experience
  • Creativity
  • Safety and stability of operation
  • Individual approach to solving each problem
  • Full synchronization of activities
  • Carrying out transports all year round, also on holidays
  • A dedicated supervisor monitoring the entire transport process, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Modern IT solutions


We are aware of the growing requirements of the market and our clients, which is why we provide the highest quality of services at every stage of our activities. This is evidenced by the certificates we have obtained. Meeting the quality requirements and the ability to provide our customers with services at the highest level is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate. It is also the culmination of the efforts of the entire Ekofrost team, who every day cares about providing our customers with fast and efficient service based on international standards.

We are specialists in the transport of food and we ensure the safety of our transport. We guarantee this by meeting the standards under the international IFS Logistics standard. The certificate also confirms the verified level of risk management related to the transport, distribution and storage of food.

We have the status of the Authorized Economic Operator, which confirms our credibility in the field of customs clearance. We have been granted this privilege by obtaining the AEO C status. With regard to customs issues, it guarantees high quality of service and also allows for many facilitations in customs matters.

We have been accredited by the British border control authority - UK Border Force. This document certifies meeting the standards for protecting the transport of goods against the intrusion of illegal immigrants (clandestine entrant)  into the UK.


IFS Logistics
The international standard for transportation, distribution and storage
AEO certificate
Trusted company status in customs matters
UK Border Force
A standard of security and control against the clandestine entrant into the UK
ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System in the Enterprise
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